Top 10 Foreign Horror Films

I will be ranking solo this week. Myself and cinema2033 were not able to meet up in time to finish our top 10 list so our arranged post will be printed next week. For the record, I didn’t consider Battle Royale, Pans Labyrinth, or Oldboy to be horror films. Enjoy this list of devilish delights!

10: Suspiria. The oldest film on this list possibly carries the most effective tension. Watch out for the ending!


9: Thirst. Take a break from your Twilight induced coma and witness real vampirism from the master himself, Chan- wook Park.


8: The Host. Be taken back in time to the age of giant monster films and witness how far cinema has come.


7: Audition. This horror classic needs no explanation. One of Eli Roth’s favourite films, this one will sicken you.


6: A Tale of Two Sisters. Director Jee-woon Kim makes the list with this complex horror that will drive you crazy.


5: The Devil’s Backbone. Guillermo del Toro’s most terrifying film is not to be missed.


4: Inside. Do not watch this film on a full stomach. The amount of blood and guts is truly remarkable, but it’s the acting that sends it into my top 5.


3: The Orphanage. One of the most complete horror films I’ve seen to date. The emotion and intelligence is what sets this film apart from the pack.


2: Rec. The best found footage horror to ever be released with a tremendously terrifying finale.

rec Spanish alt

1: Martyrs. This film messes with your mind, soul, and body. I’ve only brought myself to view it once and I implore you, view with caution.


Honourable Mentions: Deep Red, Ichi the Killer, House, The Horde, Cronos, I Saw the Devil, 3 Extremes. If you think I’ve missed a film or overlooked one, please feel free to comment on any aspect of this list.

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  1. One of the BEST lists of horror movies I’ve ever seen – almost all my favorites are here!

  2. Wow, what a list!!! Martyrs is something we have mentioned a few times on our blog but have yet to muster the courage to watch a second time for a review. Glad you’ve got The Host on there as well.

  3. The Host, love it πŸ˜€

  4. Great choices. A Tale of Two Sisters is one of the few horror movies to actually scare the bejeesus out of me.

  5. Seems I’ve got some watching to do. I’ve only seen three of the ten films on your list.

  6. I’ve only seen Audition out of these, I better catch up with a few more of them!

  7. I’m too much of a wimp to watch martyrs but I’ve heard a lot about it. One that I would add to the list is Shutter. The Thailand original, not the American remake monstrosity!

    • Definitely try to work up the courage to see Martyrs. As terrifying as it is, I think everyone should witness it. I’ve yet to see Shutter but will check it out for sure!

  8. The Loved Ones is one of my favorites, and I put Let the Right One In pretty high up there too.

  9. Great list! My favorite (from your list) is The Orphanage – definitely the best horror film I’ve seen in a while.

  10. best gore movies
    i am thumbing up for “the host” is really amazing movie i loved it !

  11. Nice list matey. I Love the film ‘Martyrs’. Seen it a few times. Love ‘The Host’ too. In fact…theres not a single Film ‘ere I don’t like. Kudos.

  12. @Curtis. I agree with you about ‘The Loved Ones’. That film surprised both Me and My Girlfriend. When we hit ‘play’…we didn’t expect much from it…but actually ended up really enjoying it.

  13. Such an awesome list! REC and The Host are amongst the best films I’ve seen. Did you watch the Swedish version of Let The Right One In?

  14. Not in any order, just some hidden gems.

    Nori The Curse
    Cannibal Holocaust
    High Tension
    The Loved Ones

    • I didn’t really care for Frontier(s) or High Tension, they are decent, but not on the same level of the 10 I’ve listed…in my opinion anyway. I love me some Cannibal Holocaust, just doesn’t stack up, again, in my opinion. I’ve yet to check out Nori or Mutants, but will definitely put those on my to watch list. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Forgot one…


  16. asiancinemablog

    I loved “A Tale of Two Sisters” and “Devlis Backbone”. I find “Hist” very entertaining, but more of a satyr of horror film.

  17. asiancinemablog

    Watched Audition few days ago. Still not entirely recovered. That is some disturbing film.

  18. Where is The Ring, The Eye or even The Grudge? Cheers πŸ™‚

  19. INSIDE!!! Wow. I am a horror freak and mother of three. This movie is right up there with High Tension, actually it’s better. I did not think the French had it in them. I was on edge the whole movie. Thanks for the recommendation. Ouch, still creeped out.

  20. One film that should have made your list is ” A Serbian film”. I have only watched this film once, and have not the stomach to watch it twice. I consider myself hard core horror but this film has left me with a foul taste in my mouth and images that can never be erased. Beware this film is sick!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Not going near Martyrs or Inside, but a fine list, Joseph.

  22. The Orphanage is creepy as hell, surprised Pan’s Labyrinth didn’t make it on there too! I’m very lacking in my Horror knowledge, but it seems foreign films can be a lot darker than their English-language counterparts.

    • I don’t really consider Pans Labyrinth to be horror, that’s why it didn’t make the list, but I do love that flick! Foreign horror has definitely proven itself time and time again, really beating North American horror into the ground…

  23. the Babadook Austrialian 2014

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