Top 10 Worst Trilogy Finales


If you haven’t already noticed, there has been a couple of trilogy finales released in the past month. And unfortunately, or fortunately, especially for the sake of this list, both stink worse than my cat’s litter-box. So, in celebration of these dump-fires, I’ve compiled the 10 worst trilogy finales of all time. Again, these are listed by myself and contain only my opinion, so if you’re going to yell at anyone, yell at me. Now, just to make things perfectly clear. The films listed have to be apart of a trilogy and have to be the finale. No quadrilogies or sagas or anything like that, just trilogies. So, for example, Die Hard 3 would not be considered a finale because there are currently five movies in that series, get it? The same goes for Jaws 3-D, which, unfortunately will not be on this list.

The films will be ranked on the critical and overall success of the first two entries into the trilogy and the quality of the finale. But, essentially, the higher the film ranks, the less I enjoyed the finale.

Also, as always, if you find any problems in the list or think I’ve overlooked a film, please comment all thoughts and questions below. These lists are not set in stone and I expect they will change as time passes.

I can already feel the hatred being beamed at me like a laser. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


10: Iron Man 3.

Why?: An overly complex story, contrived performances, and idiotic twists ultimately lead to this finale’s downfall.



9: Jurassic Park 3.

Why?: One can only come up with so many excuses to return to a dinosaur infested island, unprepared no less. Nonetheless, I still enjoy watching this brainless action flick.

imgjurassic park 33


8: Hostel: Part 3.

Why?: One can only take so much torture-porn. I happened to really love the first two entries, but this one tailed off decidedly.



7: The Matrix: Revolutions.

Why?: As the first two, especially the original, were highly original, intelligent, and action-packed. This finale, although still heart-racing, gets lost in its own confusion and misses the heart of what made its predecessors so unique.



6: X-Men: The Last Stand.

Why?: Compared to the first two entries, this film is no where near as impressive. Replacing its heart and persistence with more bangs and booms. This finale truly missed the touch of Bryan Singer.



5: Spider Man 3.

Why?: A barrage of villains that don’t garner enough screen time really dampens the viewers spirit. Not to mention the completely idiotic and lame dance sequence that lasts for a lot longer than it should.



4: The Godfather: Part 3.

Why?: The first two instalments into this trilogy will go down as two of the greatest films in cinematic history. While this third and final entry is extremely contrived and seems like a ploy to obtain revenue.



3: Rec 3: Genesis.

Why?: Like The Godfather, obviously not on the same scale but, essentially the first two entries revamped modern horror. This finale shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as the original two.



2: The Hangover: Part 3.

Why?: it is exceedingly difficult to enjoy this finale as the second entry was also barely passable. Featuring weak joke after weak joke, The Hangover: Part 3 just doesn’t hold its ground as a comedy.



1: Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Why?: While the CGI is impressive, it’s nothing that wasn’t already accomplished in the first two instalments. Michael Bay tried to infuse more heart into this finale, but failed. On the bright side, as you can tell from the picture below, he did get something right.



Again, if you feel I’ve overlooked a film or think a film is listed that shouldn’t be, feel free to voice your concern.

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  1. I’ve watched Jurassic Park 3 twice in the past week.

  2. Oh man, Hostel 3 is a joke. It’s not even 1/10…

  3. I feel that Iron Man 3 should not be on this list, it is so much better than 2.
    Also, I find it ironic that Jaws 3-D is your cover picture but it wasn’t on the list.

    • Haha, I put Jaws 3-D just to draw some attention. Iron Man 3 is no where near as good as the second. Sam Rockwell was terrific and Whiplash is actually a decent villain. What the hell was with The Mandarin, it was so lame. But, everyone is entitled to their opinion :).

  4. I personally feel that Iron Man 3 and Spider-Man 3 are the best in those series of movies. The Matrix and The Hangover both derailed with their second flicks, so their third movies were pretty inconsequential. Definitely agree with you on Transformers, however.

    • Oh my! Okay, even if I didn’t hate Iron Man 3, which I do, it is no where near as good as the first. Same goes for Spider Man 3, easily the worst in the trilogy. That whole emo, dance sequence bit completely ruined it. Haha, I love this, really enjoy hearing others thoughts on these films. A lot of people really enjoyed Iron Man 3 so I am definitely in the minority. Nevertheless, the third Hangover and Matrix films were really disappointing and all Transformers films sucked, so at least we agree on that :).

  5. So all films that make a third haha πŸ˜€

  6. I guess for now Transformers 3 is the finale, but there’s a 4 coming out. So… eh.

    I completely agree with you about all these movies. good work!

    • I took that into consideration and after reading up on it, the new Transformers film is more of a reboot not a continuation, so I should be good on that front haha. Not that it really matters, cause Bay is going to need to perform a miracle to get that franchise out of the gutter. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it and agreed!

  7. Granted it isn’t as great as Part I and Part II, but I think The Godfather Part III is pretty misunderstood. It’s different than the other movies, but it isn’t terrible, at least in my opinion.

    Very nice list though and I’m glad to see Jurassic Park, Transformers, X-Men, and Iron Man on here. πŸ˜€

    • I tend to agree with you a bit about it being misunderstood. Nonetheless, it is still no where near as powerful or memorable as the original two. Essentially why it made the list, but I see where you’re coming from.

      Anyway, glad you enjoyed the rest of the list. A lot of them are no brainers :).

  8. Don’t agree with IM3 but hey, it’s all very subjective and while I really enjoyed it, I can see why so many didn’t. X-Men and Spider-Man 3 definitely deserve to be here, though!

    • Don’t worry about it, you’re not alone. A lot of people don’t agree with me including IM3, but I can’t stand it. Indeed they do belong on this list, truly terrible finales. I’m really glad you enjoyed the list!

  9. I agree with most of these. However, I do enjoy Jurassic Park 3. Its a bit silly but there are parts that are kinda fun. If that makes any sense….haha! Although, I’m not exactly sure Ironman 3 was THAT bad that it deserves to be here. I’m sure there are worst 3rd movies in a franchise…

  10. I have to agree that some of these films maybe blockbuster hits in terms of ticket sales but has been criticized to be mediocre at best…

    Cheers πŸ™‚

  11. This is my 1st time on your site and this happened to be the topic that caught my eye. There may be a spoiler or 2 in here somewhere, so at the risk of coming off as an asshole…here we go.

    10. Iron Man 2 was easily the weakest in that trilogy. Other than Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow, there was nothing worth taking away from that movie. Iron Man 3 saw the continued growth of Tony Stark’s character. And NOBODY saw that Mandarin junk coming. That brings a little bit of the real world into the movie too. “An organization creating a front man for terrorist activities to incite a war for the purposes of making a profit”…anybody with me?

    9. I can sort of agree here, but I really stopped caring after the 1st. I guess it lost the magic for me.

    8. Can’t comment on this 1 cause I didn’t like any of the Hostel films.

    7. As for this. I’m sick of hearing people complain about these movies. A lot of them agree that they don’t like Reloaded and Revolutions but never give a clear answer as to why other than “It was too complicated.” Which has lead me to believe that people only dislike them cause they don’t understand them. Or they say “it lost what made the 1st movie so great!” Like what? They had better fights, better effects, and took the story to another level adding deeper meanings to everything established in the 1st. Or is it similar to the reactions people have to remakes where they think there’s no way it could be better than the original so they hate it automatically. Maybe it’s just me.

    6. Only good thing about this movie is that douche bag Cyclops dying. If only they saved that for later in the film so it could have had a happy ending. But I’m totally with you. It was easily the weakest of the trilogy.

    5. This movie was a train wreck from the start. There were many things they could have done to make it work. Drop the Sandman crap, focus solely on the symbiote plot line, or USE THE STORY OF HARRY OSBORN THAT YOU BUILT UP FOR 2 MOVIES! Complete waste of a perfect end to a trilogy. In fact, they should have just went with that, then they could use the symbiote saga for a 2nd trilogy. And please, lets get off that stupid dance sequence. Yes it was terrible, but there were bigger problems with the movie that should more attention.

    4. Everyone is in agreement here. This was the weakest Godfather film, but it wasn’t terrible.

    3. No opinion on this 1 cause I’m not a fan of any of this “found footage” crap. Thank you “The Blair Witch Project” for making this crap popular.

    2. I haven’t watched this 1 yet, but I’ve heard it wasn’t so good. But were we really surprised? Hollywood likes nothing more than churning out the same movie over and over for a profit.

    1. Again, I don’t get peoples beef with these movies. I was never a big Transformers fan as a kid, so I went in with no expectations. All 3 movies were okay and if you thought they would be anything more than special effects pieces, then you have no idea who Michael Bay is. As far as the running joke about Megan Fox is concerned. Her character was kinda important to the human element of the stories, so it was stupid to just cut her out like that. And it’s typical of Hollywood to just pluck a model out of thin air, throw her in front of a camera, and say “now act!” Rosie is pretty and all that, but at least Megan had some acting experience.

    I know this is 1 hell of a reply, but I got a lot rattling around in my head. Again, I’m not trying to be an asshole, just trying to understand people. I hope it’s an entertaining read if nothing else.

  12. A solid list indeed. I didn’t even like the first Hangover, so not much upset coming from my corner on that entry.

  13. Is it really true that Rosie was an awful actress? The Matrix 3 was so bad I have all but written it out of my head. Jurassic Park 3 was awful too. If I’d had popcorn I’d have thrown it ha. I still can’t think of a bigger jump between a second and third entry than with The Godfather.

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