Top 10 Superhero Flicks


Another week, another top 10!

With “Man of Steel” released recently, I figured now would be as good a time as any to deliver my 10, all-time favourite superhero films. I didn’t want to jump the gun just in case “Man of Steel” managed to crack the list and then have to go back and edit it, that’s why I waited. No doubt a lot of you will not agree with my choices, so let me explain a little before hand. I am a huge fanboy and while that does have its perks, it certainly comes with its own set of disadvantages. Such as being unable to admit a film is subpar due to my misplaced sense of invincibility and obsession. So please, while gazing at this top 10, be gentle :).

I’m getting real close to completing this segment’s header image so please bare with me at least for this week. Inevitably, “Captain America” did not make the list but I felt a powerful need to include him in this post whichever way I could.

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One last thing before we get started. Next Friday I will be unable to post a top 10. Would anyone like to contribute a top 10 of their own to the segment? I’ve been wanting to have a guest rank a top 10 for some time now, so I guess there is no time like the present. I’d like to start off with just one guest top 10 a month, at least until its popularity grows. So, if you would like to be the first to post a top 10, please e mail me with your idea for the top 10 and your website so I can quickly select one and we can prepare for next week. The email is

Enough witty banter and self-publicity, let’s start the top 10.


10: “X-2”

Why?: Easily the best in the trilogy. “X-2” sees the mutants band together to defeat a common foe, and while this may be a comic book cliche, I love when it happens. Also, Wolverine vs Lady Deathstrike is enough on its own.



9: “Thor”

Why?: I am a huge Thor fan and I feel that he is the best Avenger. I was a little weary of his own full-length feature series, but the original proved me wrong and its sequel “Thor: The Dark World” looks fantastic. And…c’mon…Chris Hemsworth.



8: “Iron Man”

Why?: Seeing Tony Stark fight his way out of capture, build a formidable, almost indestructible suit, and destroy Jeff Bridges is enough. Let alone the fact that this film without question has the most heart and believability.



7: “Spider Man 2”

Why?: I’ll admit I am not a huge fan of Raimi’s “Spider Man” trilogy. I did enjoy the first film, but the third and final entry was a complete bust. However, the second film is outstanding.



6: “Man of Steel”

Why?: Remember when I said I’m a fanboy and essentially go into the cinema with blinders on, well, yeah, that’s why. But seriously, this film was amazing, I don’t understand why it’s taking so much heat. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but it was still epic and utterly captivating.



5: “Batman Begins”

Why?: Odds are, if you’re not a fan of Christopher Nolan’s introduction to his reboot of the Batman franchise, I don’t much care for you as a person. Just kidding…sort of. Between Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow and the fact that my last name is Falcone, I couldn’t resist.



4: “The Avengers”

Why?: Directed and written by the masterful Joss Whedon. “The Avengers” is everything you’d expect it to be, and so much more.



3: “X-Men: First Class”

Why?: Honestly, this flick blew my mind. The origin stories of essentially every single mutant, it’s clever, witty dialogue, and insatiable heart. “X-Men: First Class” is a no brainer for me. “I prefer…Magneto.”



2: “The Dark Knight”

Why:? Many argue that it is the greatest superhero movie of all-time. While it’s hard to argue, I must insist there is one better. Nonetheless, with Heath Ledger’s Joker portrayal, the bat-pod, and everything in between, “The Dark Knight” is down-right perfect.



1: “The Dark Knight Rises”

Why?: Christopher Nolan’s immaculate ending to his epic “Dark Knight” trilogy. Many thought he could never top “The Dark Knight,” but I, like many others, feel he did the job.



Honourable Mentions: “Captain America,” “Spider Man,” “Iron Man 2,” “X-Men,” “Unbreakable,” “Watchmen,” “Kick Ass.”


If you feel that I’ve overlooked a flick or that a film made the list that shouldn’t have, feel free to comment below. Also, if you are interested in contributing a top 10, please let me know. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Good list. I never put a top 10 together so I can’t say how mine would look. But Nolan’s trilogy would be there. First 2 Spider-Man films. Amazing Spider-Man and the first 2 Superman films. Perhaps one day I’ll do a top 10 myself

  2. Nice list!! KICK ASS didn’t make the cut??

  3. Two articles praising TDKR in one day, I can’t take it…

  4. Strong list. Dark Knight Rises is actually my least favourite of the three, although I still like it. The Avengers is probably my favourite superhero movie but I’d also have Watchmen on the list too.

    • Thanks a bunch!

      It’s okay, you’re not alone. I know a bunch of people who think TDKR was the lesser of the three films. I just think it is incredible. Oh yeah! I forgot to add Watchmen to the honourable mentions, thanks for reminding me :).

  5. Great list, and interesting to see someone rate TDKR over TDK.

    • Thank you! Yeah, a lot of people don’t think it was better, but when compared, TDKR is just about grander and heartfelt than any in the series. Most thought Nolan couldn’t trump TDK, but I thought he did so with such epic flare.

  6. Glad to see you gave The Dark Knight Rises the first spot. Great list.

  7. You lied! You said i’d disagree with this list and I didn’t! 😀

  8. Good list. The Dark Knight is tops for me. And then Begins, TDKR, Watchmen, and The Incredibles. Never been a fan of the X-Men movies though.

    • Thanks!

      Everyone seems to have roughly the same favourites. The Incredibles is a unique choice, I never really liked that film.

      Really? None of the X-Men films? Not even First Class? That’s one of my all time favourite films, let alone superhero flicks.

      • Well, I didn’t like the X-Men trilogy, or X-Men Origins Wolverine, so I skipped First Class despite the good reviews. I guess I should give it a shot anyway though?

      • I highly recommend watch First Class as it is nothing like the other X-Men films. That being said, is it simply that you didn’t like the films or do you not like the X-Men in general, like the premise and characters? If it is just the films and you’re indiffrrent to or like the characters, defintely check it out. If you don’t like the characters or premise than I guess I’d say stick with your gut and skip it. But I highly recommend it, Fassbender and McAvoy are incredible in it.

  9. Good list. 🙂 Thor’s hair is SO pretty!!!! (Man Of Steel shouldn’t be in here, though. Lol!)

  10. Nice top 10. I would have thrown out Man of Steel, and put Kick-Ass on the list instead. Aside from Man of Steel your top 10 was very well put together. I would have also pushed The Avengers back to around #9 or 10. I love the inclusion of X-2!

    Oh, but Iron Man 2 as an honorable mention (yikes)…. Iron Man 2 would be listed on my ten worst.

    • Thanks! A lot of people didn’t like Man of Steel, but I loved it! I didn’t hate Iron Man 2 as much as others, it is still a lot better than the third lol. X-Men 2 is amazing, of course I’d include it :).

  11. The Dark Knight Rises at #1? YUCCCCCK. Top 3 should be The Dark Knight, Spider-Man 2, and X2. I’d also include Kick Ass.

  12. No love for Kick Ass?

  13. Nice list! I was a big Thor and The Dark Knight fan.

  14. I really like your list, however, I would probably add Kick Ass to the main top ten somewhere around 3rd. I am a huge fan of that film. My Entertainment News Website:

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