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Okay guys, as of yesterday I am up to my waist in the waters of TIFF and I am slowly becoming more and more submerged. So, with that in mind, I figured now would be as good a time as any to introduce the newest segment on The Cinema Monster, which I have yet to title. Essentially, this new feature will consist of a guest contributor compiling a top 10 on whatever topic he/she chooses. It’s basically the same as The Cinema Monster’s weekly top 10 segment, just with a guest or fellow blogger compiling a list. Now, this is the first in what I hope will be a lengthy, fun, and fortuitous segment. If you’d like to contribute a top 10, please do not hesitate. Send me an email ( containing your name, blog/site (if you have one), and your top 10 topic. If I like what I see, I’ll provide you with the criteria and the go ahead. Oh, and it can be a top 10 I’ve already done, seeing as everyone has different views and opinions.

Okay, enough administrative stuff, let’s get into it. I am very fortunate to have Eric from theipc to do the honours of contributing the first ever guest top 10 on The Cinema Monster. If you haven’t checked out his site and followed already, please do so now, he’s got some truly awesome content. He is also the creator of Shitfest, in which I am an avid fan and participant. So, yeah…check’ em out! I’m going to hand things over to Eric now. Look forward to next week when Cinema Parrot Disco will be contributing her top 10!

Top 10 Things I’ve Seen Clint Howard In: By Eric.

2013-09-04 14.24.09

When it comes to American royalty – names such as Rockefeller, Kennedy, the Fords, the Hearsts, the Cabot-Lodges – and to some extent – Dole – get thrown around. In similar fashion, in the movie industry we can’t go off and forget about the Howards. Containing Ronnie and his HOT daughter Bryce, we can’t go wrong (Ron was actually a good looking teen, but alas, we all grow old and get strange around the curves), but then there lies this anomaly of an individual, Ron’s brother Clint – one of the strangest looking men I’ve ever seen in my life.  In NO WAY am I dogging him – I think he’s actually a good actor, it’s just…. while I look around at movies and TV and my friend’s daughter’s birthday videos – this guy shows up in EVERYTHING! The other day I posted something on my site mentioning meeting Missy Crider who complained to the wife and I over some beers about not being able to get much work (and she’s a hot act) – this dude has been in well over 200 motion pictures (this includes TV mind you)! Anyway – Joseph is off Film Festivaling it up and asked me to contribute a Top Ten List about things I’ve seen, so here’s the Top Ten Things I have seen Clint Howard in (and by no means have I seen everything he’s been in).

10: Ron Howard’s: SPLASH (as Wedding Guest)

2013-09-04 14.35.00

9: Ron Howard’s: BACKDRAFT (as the Pathologist)

2013-09-04 14.33.48

8: TANGO AND CASH: as Slinky

2013-09-04 14.29.54

7: Ron Howard’s: PARENTHOOD (as Lou)

2013-09-04 14.36.12

6: (Ron Howard’s) ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (as Johnny Bark) – “Watch out for that bucket, Lindsey. That bucket has a purpose.”

2013-09-04 14.25.15

5: HALLOWEEN (2007): Doctor Koplenson

2013-09-04 14.32.05

4: SLEDGE HAMMER – “STATE OF SLEDGE” – One of my all time favorite shows! “Watch out, you mutant!!”

2013-09-04 14.21.07

3: Ron Howard’s: APOLLO 13 (as Sy Liebergot)

2013-09-04 14.19.54

2: SEINFELD: The Trip, Part 2

2013-09-04 14.18.46

1: STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES: THE CORBONITE MANEUVER! Who can ever forget face of Balok burning itself into your nightmares, causing sleep terrors that last to this day????


Another huge thanks to Eric for contributing this top 10 and for being an advocate of my website since its inception, I owe you a great debt. As for me, don’t expect the usual flow of posts over the next 15 days or so, other than the weekly top 10. I am super busy with TIFF and will be trying to post reviews as soon as I possibly can. Until then, make sure to follow me on Twitter for frequent updates, news, initial reactions, pictures and videos from the festival. Everyone have a great weekend!

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  1. Hey this turned out great!! Good stuff!! have fun!

  2. He is a good looking boyman that guy. He has managed to get a lot of work. Makes people like me believe I could still be an actor! Good work fellas 🙂

  3. Ha! Great topic. I love spotting Clint Howard in things as well. Glad Star Trek was number one – that’s the first one I thought of. It’s funny he had that exact same face as a kid. And I rented The Ice Cream Man just because he was the star (but think I ran out of time to watch it. looks like good Shitfest material, actually!).

    Better get my list over to you, Joseph! I’ve done the list- just have to write a little something up for it. It’s much more boring than this list, though!

  4. I never knew he’s Ron Howard’s bro but I totally recognize that face.

  5. Nice work guys!

    I would be interested in writing a top ten list, but will have to think up a subject first!

  6. Clint Rules! Almost as much as Gary Busey!

  7. I was expecting this list to be something like “Top 10 Stripper Deaths” or “Top 10 Movies with the Lowest Production Cost”. But this is amazing! My personal favourite Clint Howard appearance is in The Waterboy. That guy is hilarious! Great list buddy 🙂

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