Best Films of 2013: Poll Results

Well, if I was to say that The Cinema Monster’s first attempt at “Vote!” was an immense success, I’d be putting it lightly. For its inception, I asked you to pick your top three films of 2013. As I monitored your responses, it amazed me how many films actually received a vote. I mean, there were only a handful left out in the cold. Which, as you can probably imagine, made for an exciting finish.

Below you will find the 10 films that received the most votes in the first ever “Vote!” poll. Instead of boring you with the details and rambling on about each film, I thought I’d just lay out the results and let each of you comment on the films you love, the films you think should’ve made the list, and the films that shouldn’t have.

Keep in mind that the percentages are low due to the overwhelming response received and a vast choice of films. Also, if you missed our post yesterday, it wasn’t your fault, WordPress has been screwing with me lately. So please click here and check out the newest poll and vote!


Gravity: 17%



Mud: 5%

Mud Movie


12 Years a Slave: 5%



The Way Way Back: 5%



Rush: 5%



Before Midnight: 4%



The Hunt: 4%



Star Trek Into Darkness: 4%



The Conjuring: 4%



Upstream Color: 3%


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  1. Yay, Gravity! I loved that one and I’m very happy for its 10 Oscar nominations.


  3. The only one with which I disagree is Star Trek. The rest are all good movies.

    I am surprised 12 Years only net 5%. Would have expected it and Gravity to have similar numbers.

  4. We’ve got great taste!! Well done everyone 🙂

  5. An excellent list, to be sure! We should all pretty much be on the Academy. 🙂 Looking forward to the results for most anticipated films of this year!

  6. Glad to see Gravity up there! That’s my #1 movie of 2013. And MUD #2, yes! Glad people haven’t forgotten that one.

  7. Can’t say I’m too surprised. But it’s a great movie so who’s complaining?!

  8. I’m gonna have to add Rush and Way Way Back to my watchlist, so much good stuff to catch up on.

  9. Absolutely awesome list that came out here! No Wolf of Wall Street? ;( I LOVED The Way Way Back, it was really so much fun!

  10. Another Gravity walkover! It’s a great film but I am slightly surprised by how clear the gap was between it and the other films.

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