How I Met Your Mother: Finale Reaction, Series Summary, and Top 10 Episodes

Obviously, massive spoilers!


It feels as if it was only yesterday that we said goodbye to Michael Scott and the Dunder Mifflin crew one last time. Now, roughly a year later, and we’re again forced to part ways with another comedy series benchmark, solidified sitcom, “How I Met Your Mother.” We walked through the doors of MacLaren’s Pub nine seasons ago and returned every Monday to catch up with Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Barney over a few drinks. Through the laughs and tears, hard work and laziness, love and heartbreak, we were apart of these characters lives and grew alongside them for the better part of nearly a decade. Relationship after relationship, break up after break up, we stood witness to the intertwining tales of this group as each searched for their counterpart and identity. Of course though, our main focus was Ted, a hopeless romantic searching for his true love. He and his story is what hooked us and kept us coming back every week.


Look, I know “How I Met Your Mother” isn’t the coolest show on television, far from it. Nevertheless, I felt that it always brought out the best in me, you know? Yes, it’s corny, fantastical, and supremely annoying at the best of times. Yet, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a show with as strong a moral compass and genuinely kind-hearted characters as “How I Met Your Mother,” but I digress. So we waited, nine long years for Ted to finally unveil exactly how he met the mother of his children, and a little over a week ago, we got our answer. The way things went down during that last hour of “How I Met Your Mother” set social networks ablaze and it seemed as if everyone who had endured the long journey to that moment shouted their opinions from skyscraper rooftops. Personally, I applaud the way this iconic show wrapped up. It could’ve concluded a lot sooner albeit, but nothing about the way things played out sat unwell with me.


During the last couple of seasons, when things began to wind to a close and the identity of Ted’s mysterious wife was mercifully divulged, I was a tad relieved, but also subconsciously enraged. See, I’m one of the fans that were adamant throughout the series that Ted was destined to end up with Robin, despite all the hints and facts stating otherwise. That being said, as much as the show’s creators and writers pushed Robin away from our protagonist, they simultaneously lead us on, leaving us begging for Robin and Ted’s union, weird right? Well, this entire conundrum was solved during that last episode and I, as you can imagine, was relieved, vindicated, overjoyed!

Obviously, I’m well aware that a majority of you disagree. However, simply put, I’m much more comfortable thinking I spent nine years of my life watching a show revolve around two characters (Ted and Robin) falling for one another than the alternative. Think about it, why take nine seasons to build up Ted finally meeting his soul mate, just to have him end up alone. It’s much better knowing that this aspect of the show was merely a gambit and the real story was going on the entire time the show was in production.


Now, I’m a big Ted backer, without a doubt, and to witness him crumble under her death was mortifying…almost too much to endure. Having for so long defended and scoured the earth for this fantasy, just to have it ripped away sent in motion a tsunami of sadness that washed over and pulled me under. Yet, to see him then courageously soldier on with a continuing respect and thirst for meaning and love after her passing was invigorating, inspiring! And although the show’s finale resonated with the harsh, unflinching truth regarding life, love, and loss, it illuminated the meaning in our existence.

Why should we weep for Barney? Has it not been clear for nine seasons that he is a notorious womanizer that can’t be tied down? He is capable of love and loyalty, which he will give limitlessly to his daughter, he simply prefers emotional and sexual freedom to the restraints of a relationship. Marshall and Lily have fulfilled every dream they ever conceived, together and individually. Robin became a world-renowned news reporter while travelling the world and experienced everything life had to offer, which is all she had ever hoped for. And as for Ted, well, it might have taken him a little longer to get there, but he achieved everything he set out to in life. He experienced the invisible force that is love and birthed two children. “How I Met Your Mother” might have ended a little too melancholic for some, but it hid the spark…the inevitable truth of existence that no matter how long and hard the trek, what is meant to be will find a way to flourish.


Without further delay, let’s get into my personal top 10 episodes of “How I Met Your Mother!” But before that, one thing that will become abundantly clear during this list is that I am a huge sap. Yes, I’m in love with the idea of love. Also, I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, you have seen the entire show, so I didn’t write an entire summary for each entry…sorry.

10: “Last Forever” Season 9, Episode 23/24


9: “Right Place, Right Time” Season 4, Episode 22


8: “The Limo” Season 1, Episode 11


7: “Showdown” Season 2, Episode 20


6: “Slap Bet” Season 2, Episode 9


5: “Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM” Season 1, Episode 18


4: “No Tomorrow” Season 3, Episode 12


3: “No Pressure” Season 7, Episode 17


2: “Blitzgiving” Season 6, Episode 10


1: “The Time Travelers” Season 8, Episode 20


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  1. Excellent write up. I never watched this on a regular basis, but always enjoyed it when I did. Plus major props for Barney being from Staten Island, which is where I live.

    I missed the finale totally forgot. Think you can email me details on Robin, Barney & Ted? If you have the time that is. My email is

  2. We kind of gave up on the series a couple of years ago so I’m glad you recapped how it ended up!

  3. Uh no… you’re one of those people.
    All I will say is this, Robin sucks. Worst character ever. And I hate that we spent a whole final season leading up to a marriage that was dismantled in 2 minutes. Lame.

    • Yes, Smash, I’m one of those people ;). Totally get hatred towards Robin, but I hate Barney even more…such a self-indulged and selfish d-bag lol. I know! So since you hated the entire show leading up to a marriage that crumbled in less than five minutes, consider the alternative. Instead, think you wasted nine years watching Ted and Robin unfold, and the mother of his children is merely another meaningless episode.

      • Lol, it’s alright, everyone is entitled to their own unique and lovely view.
        Barney started off as a funny character, but then they got way too gimmick-y with him. I started to hate him by the end of it too.
        I think what I find most upsetting is that the character of Tracy was clearly perfect for Ted. I loved that actress and was so excited for her to be the mom. Robin just isn’t right for Ted. That’s what lets me down. He finally found that perfect match and turns out she’s only second fiddle to Robin… I really hope this How I Met Your Dad thing doesn’t happen now, lol.

      • Indeed! Completely agree, Barney became way too much like a joke, in all the wrong ways! I loved the mom as well, and she was perfect for Ted. I think the point was to make it abundantly clear that life isn’t always fair. I’m sure Ted wouldn’t trade his time with the mom for anything. Also, it is pretty clear to me that Robin, although loved to travel and such, wanted to come home, be apart of the group, have a family. So that’s why I think they ended it the way they did :). The How I Met Your Dad thing will probably suck ;).

  4. Good write up… I haven’t read many with people who actually enjoyed it. I will admit it I wasn’t very satisfied with the melancholic ending, but I like how you put, what is meant to be will be and will happen. Therefore they were always meant to be. Awwwwwwwww !

  5. Aww nice write-up, my friend! I’ve watched this show sporadically, and I do like it quite a bit. Haven’t seen the finale yet, but from what I’ve heard, I don’t think I’d care for it…but I’m glad you did!! 🙂

  6. Great review Joseph.

    I actually loved this show and never missed an episode from the beginning. I was always disappointed that Ted and Robin were not meant to be, so eventhough I knew the mother was probably dead by the finale, and I was expected it to be lame, I was quite happy with how they ended it.

    You are NOT alone my friend!

    Sad that it’s over, but it had to end some time.

    • Thanks! I think only us true fans who’ve been with the show from the beginning can truly appreciate it ;). I’m not sure if I’m sad it’s finished, but I’m definitely neutral, not happy or sad. So happy Ted and Robin ended up together :).

  7. Oh man, I sooo hated the ending. I thought it was lazy and uninspired.

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